we are all going forward. none of us are going back.


i literally never get tired of this post


kids are out here like “i wish i was alive during beatlemania” and im like….. beyonce is right here, right now, what is wrong with you. get right with jesus


omg this is messy as fuck

Anonymous asked:
ooh i did sociology in high school and it was so interesting and fun except some boys opinions are less than brilliant :/ i remember one said "radical feminists are just jealous they don't get catcalled" and "men can't be feminists or they're gay" lmao. what work do you wanna do in london? that sounds really cool! ps the whole world is jealous of your education system

boys will disappoint you its the harsh reality of the world we live in tbh. im sorry those things were said :( im so happy the ppl in my year are like ~educated on social issues. theres a lot of discussion and ppl being involved in stuff idk i really like it

i have a few connections that might give me a job within homecare, which might not be the most desirable job or w/e but its a start. i cant work in fast food bc of my anxiety, so i think i have to be grateful for any opportunities i get!!! i just have to save up a bunch of money to keep me afloat and i also need to find ppl to hang out with. so if i ask on here i hope i find someone to like. have a glass of wine with idk lol

ours isnt even that good tbh like our results arent amazing or anything. we talk about how shitty our education system is a lot but we should prob appreciate it more lmao

💅 (på/i 🎧forever young - thomas stenström)

💅 (på/i 🎧forever young - thomas stenström)



please end vagina-centric feminism 

maybe once vagina-centric oppression ends (femicide, FGM, abortion restrictions, rape culture, shame and lack of education surrounding vaginas/vulvas, misogyny in general) it won’t be damn necessary but until then penis worshippers are gonna have to get the fuck out of my feminism and step into the real world for a second and realise that misogyny/female oppression is SEX BASED

Anonymous asked:
are you still at school or are you off to college in september? how is everything?

i’m in school!! i turned 18 this year (born in 1996) , which means i’m in last year of high school or the swedish equivalent of high school anyway!!

i actually switched schools this year too, so this was my first week there. i really like it so far, the ppl in my year are really sweet and the classes are really interesting!!

im taking philosophy, religions, psychology, swedish, ap english, humanist sociology and regular sociology. no maths or science this year oh my god you have no idea how happy i am about that.

i’m graduating in may next year, and i’m not going off to college immediately. i might move to london and work for a bit, maybe take a few college classes if i feel like it. i can go back to college and university in a few years, there’s no real hurry there. i want to do fun stuff too!! i’m so happy i live in sweden, like i can go to college when i’m 70 if i want to which is so so nice.  

what are your plans babe? are you still in school too?

Before you walk away, there’s one more thing I wanna say

Our brains are sick but that’s okay






Stockholm - June 13, 2014


ultimate master post of interior spaces



on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

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